HACCP International has certified a range of pest control products manufactured by BASF for use in food premises in New Zealand.

The certification covers the professional pest management insecticides Fendona® and Goliath® as well as Stratagem® and Storm® rodenticides.

 Pests pose a significant health risk to food premises ,where insufficient control can lead to infestation and serious consequences to consumer health. In addition, pest control products must be used appropriately in order to avoid introducing a greater risk than those they are designed to control.

Those responsible for food safety within a food processing or handling facility must ensure that they, and their pest control service providers, source solutions that are both effective and food safe.

HACCP International is a leading, accredited certification body, specializing in the certification of equipment, materials and services that support the food industry. All certified products are fully evaluated to determine their fitness for purpose in the food industry and their compatibility with the world's leading food safety standards and Quality Assurance schemes.

Bill Simos, Managing Director of HACCP International's operations in Asia, says that HACCP have had a long and on-going relationship with BASF and are delighted to extend certification to a substantial range of pest control products marketed by BASF in New Zealand.

BASF offers a complete solution for pest control in food premises with a range of products suitable for both insect and rodent control. The food industry and pest control companies should take particular note of these products to minimize the risk in servicing food establishments. Getting this wrong can be very expensive both in terms of customer health and product recalls."

John Haliday for BASF New Zealand Pest Control Solution products says   “It's important to us that products which are particularly suitable for the food industry are identified as such - helping pest management professionals to help their customers. Protecting the food industry through the development and supply of innovative and accredited products is strategically very important to our business. Not only do we want to provide pest control solutions for the food industry, but we see HACCP certification as an important step in connecting closely with key customers in this significant sector.“

Fendona® Goliath® Stratagem® and Storm® are registered trademarks of BASF