Bayer is pleased to announce label extensions to Aqua K-Othrine®.

In addition to the mosquito and fly claims, Aqua K-Othrine can now be used to target spiders, American and German cockroaches and stored product pests and for the suppression of biting midges.

Label additions:-

Pests: Spiders, American and German cockroaches, stored product pests

Situations: Domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings, including food processing establishments, shops, factories, farm buildings, warehouses, ships, offices, schools, storerooms, hospitals, barracks, private houses

Rate: 2.5 mL/ 1000 m3

These new registrations give the professional pest manager a premium product and cost effective alternative to natural pyrethrum.

Key Features of Aqua K-Othrine® • An internationally recognized water-based space spray concentrate; providing assurance of effectiveness and reliability. • Fully approved under WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme for use as a space spray. • NZ MPI Approved Type A (All animal product except dairy)

  • Contains Film Forming Aqueous Suspension Technology which allows dilution with water without reducing performance. The unique FFAST formulation contains anti-evaporant technology ensuring droplet size is optimized for best results.
  • Contains the synthetic pyrethroid deltamethrin - a derivative of naturally occurring pyrethrum.
  • Dilutes in water for both ULV and thermal fog application - reducing reliance on hydrocarbon based diluents. This is better for the environment and for public health. • Very low application rates meaning smaller packs can treat larger areas (1 L is enough to treat 20 ha). This reduces packaging waste as well as fuel consumption during transport. • Very high level of safety in use. Water-based non-flammable formulation.



Aqua K-Othrine® formulation is based on water and this highlights the specific benefits of the formulation. The Film Forming Aqueous Spray Technology (FFAST) is a unique patented formulation system which allows the use of water as the diluent without the normal drawbacks of evaporation. The principle behind FFAST is simple yet extremely effective. As each droplet is formed, long chain alcohol molecules rapidly migrate to the surface where they align to form a protective skin. This gives a sealed package of water-based insecticide, thereby retarding evaporation and greatly extending the effective range of the spray. The result of this is that Aqua K-Othrine provides long-lasting effective droplets in all climatic conditions and is as effective as oil/diesel diluted space spray concentrates when sprayed at equivalent active ingredient rates. Aqua K-Othrine is easy to use, a user-friendly concentrate producing a space spray that minimises flammability, smell, staining, paintwork damage, toxicological risk and pollution. Water - the natural diluent Water is the natural choice for the diluent because it is readily available and offers genuine cost savings to the user compared with oil or diesel diluents, particularly in the light of increased concern about the use of diesel. However, water-dilutable emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations may give poorer insecticidal performance in comparison with diesel or oil-diluted products. This is due to evaporation of water (which is more volatile than diesel) from the spray, leaving droplets which are too small for efficient impaction on the insect.

Using water as the main solvent, as well as the diluent, Aqua K-Othrine offers a number of specific benefits to the user. Aqua K-Othrine is clean, an easy to handle concentrate with virtually no odour. The water-based formulation eliminates the risk of fire, as well as reducing paint spotting and staining.