iconUnusual Pest Challenges (Stored Product Pests)

In the last issue we covered three unusual challenges with flies.  We hope you tried to answer the problems.  There may have been other solutions but we know those listed below the article worked.  A procedure to use in case of unusual challenges was also presented.  Here are some more for you to try to solve.  Remember - when an unusual pest is encountered, there is most likely a limited source of the pest – no insects develop from spontaneous generation.  Thorough investigation (inspection and questioning) may be required to unearth the source.  Once this is found and treated the problem is normally solved.

1Unusual Pest Challenges (Flies)

Much of our work is run-of-the-mill, but how do we go about solving those problem jobs that crop up occasionally.  Developing a procedure to solve unusual challenges will become even more important with the focus of training changing from the knowledge and understanding of pests to being able to show competency in management of only the most common pests.

iconCockroaches are primitive winged insects.  They are relatively unchanged from fossils that date back 350 million years.  Fossil records also show their close relationship with the more recently evolved termites. 

iconLyme Disease in Australia

Presently there are no official statistics on the number of people suffering from Borreliosis (Lyme Disease) in Australia. There was a Lyme/Lyme-like disease which was reported from a sufferer in the Newcastle region of NSW back in 1982.  There are lots of debates on the existence of Lyme Disease in Australia and here at Garrards we believe it is best to be proactive rather than reactive.