Generation Blocks

All NEW Generation Blocks for New Zealand.

- 15gm Blocks
- 25% more bait placements drives your dollar further
- Clean-out product for rapid knockdown
- Superior efficacy on rodents
- Highly palatable
- No known genetic resistance
Available in 1.2Kg & 7.5Kg buckets.
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Current News

  • Raxit Door Seals and Proofing Solutions

    Raxit Seals eliminate the risks of rodents and pests passing through the gaps of doors.  The patented seals are manufactured in a flexible and durable material called Santoprene. The seals are reinforced with stainless steel wires which make it nearly impossible for rodents and other pests to pass through it.

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  • ProTrain Training

    Urban Pest Management Training


    Face-to-face Workshops held in New Zealand


    Urban Pest Management Contractor (Qualified)


    CPPPMT3005 Manage pest without applying pesticides

    CPPPMT3006 Manage pest by applying pesticides

    CPPPMT3018 Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles

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  • Selontra Soft Bait Rodenticide

    The next generation rodenticide providing superior palatability and shorter baiting regimes. Selontra® Soft Bait Rodenticide is a highly effective, innovative rodent bait that rapidly controls rodent infestations and offers several unique advantages including shorter baiting regimes, high palatability, lower risk of non-target poisoning, on and off building placement including perimeter fence lines, and significantly reduced risk of stock and stock feed contamination.

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  • Aqua K-Othrine® expanded label claims

    Bayer is pleased to announce label extensions to Aqua K-Othrine®.

    In addition to the mosquito and fly claims, Aqua K-Othrine can now be used to target spiders, American and German cockroaches and stored product pests and for the suppression of biting midges.

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Mac Slay Range

MAC Slay Range of products:
• Safe, fully compliant, industrial strength insecticide

• Greater concentration of actives for improved results

• Kills throughout insect life cycle – adults, larvae and eggs

• Residual effect last up to 6 months

• Effective against bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, spiders and other hard to eradicate insects

• Virtually odourless, hypo allergenic formulations

• Dry spray, non staining spray

• Used extensively in food manufacturing and hospitality sites and DHBs throughout New Zealand

• MAC has been a leading brand in global border bio security for over 40 years

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