Cimetrol Super EW


CIMETROL SUPER EW is the next generation of combination insecticides that contain four actives, one of them is an IGR which will give you long lasting residual control.

500ml auto-dose bottle - up to 20 x 5 litre treatments per bottle. 

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  • BASF Selontra and Termidor Training and New Booking System

    The team at BASF are excited to kick off their Selontra & Termidor Training with the below sessions available:

    Selontra (rodenticides) Training Session - 14 October @ 4pm (NZ Time)
    Selontra (rodenticides) Training Session - 4 November @ 8am (NZ Time)  
    Termidor (GIC) Training Session - 11 November @ 8am (NZ Time)
    Termidor (GIC) Training Session - 30 November @ 4pm (NZ Time)
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  • Garrards Pest Review - Now Online

    With the emergence of contact-less transactions to maintain good safety practices with social distancing, Pest Review is now going digital.

    The Garrards Pest Review which has been around since 1992 in print is now being converted over to an easy-to-read digital file.

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  • Garrards Click-and-Collect

    Garrards Online is the safest way to explore and order products distributed by Garrards. With no-contact services from browsing our extensive range to ordering and delivering. Garrards invite you to use our exclusive Garrards Online experience that is open to trade customers only to help maintain social distancing during this global pandemic. Order Now

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  • Pure South Disinfectants and Protectants



    Pure South™ Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is a simple and effective way to stop contact-based infection.

    Pure South is alcohol-free and helps keep your skin soft and healthy. It is suitable for use by children, and can be used around food, pets and plants.

    Unlike traditional alcohol based hand sanitisers that only provide short term protection, our unique Quatlok technology creates an invisible microscopic layer of protection on your skin which continually destroys bacteria for up to 24 hours*.

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Mac Slay Range

MAC Slay Range of products:
• Safe, fully compliant, industrial strength insecticide

• Greater concentration of actives for improved results

• Kills throughout insect life cycle – adults, larvae and eggs

• Residual effect last up to 6 months

• Effective against bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, spiders and other hard to eradicate insects

• Virtually odourless, hypo allergenic formulations

• Dry spray, non staining spray

• Used extensively in food manufacturing and hospitality sites and DHBs throughout New Zealand

• MAC has been a leading brand in global border bio security for over 40 years

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