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The latest news from Garrards are listed below:

Urban Pest Management Training


Face-to-face Workshops held in New Zealand


Urban Pest Management Contractor (Qualified)


CPPPMT3005 Manage pest without applying pesticides

CPPPMT3006 Manage pest by applying pesticides

CPPPMT3018 Maintain equipment and pesticide storage area in pest management vehicles

Bayer is pleased to announce label extensions to Aqua K-Othrine®.

In addition to the mosquito and fly claims, Aqua K-Othrine can now be used to target spiders, American and German cockroaches and stored product pests and for the suppression of biting midges.

For most whom are dealing with bird control, you may already have our bird control catalogue. Now we give it to you in electronic form which means you can browse the catalogue from your desktop PC, mobile phone or tablet/laptop at anytime, anywhere.

HACCP International has certified a range of pest control products manufactured by BASF for use in food premises in New Zealand.

The certification covers the professional pest management insecticides Fendona® and Goliath® as well as Stratagem® and Storm® rodenticides.