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iconRodent Control is a staple service of many pest management businesses, large and small alike. Most professionals know what products they need and what they prefer. But can they say they know how many alternate as well as unique products there are currently available? Well, now you can be among the first to know what else is out there with our new Rodent Catalogue.

wap_iconAnother Tool For The Pest Industry.

You may have already been utilising our web services from your mobile phone.  Making available in real-time updates to; MSDS, Labels, Brochures, industry events, news and important regulatory changes among many other useful tools for pest control professionals.  Garrards are delivering “must have information” into a pocket sized hand held device of any type such as Apple iPhone (iOS), Android, WebOS, Symbian, OS 6 (blackberry) and Bada.



In late March of 2011 a 10 month old girl on the north side of Sydney became lethargic and could not sleep.  A week later she was in intensive care and she died around Easter.  The doctors had no idea of the cause until the autopsy was released recently showing she had contracted rat lungworm from an infected slug, most probably from crawling across its trail.

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