Dear valued customer
The APVMA have recently updated the Dichlorvos Review and they have issued two new use permits.  There are some very important issues to be aware of now when supplying and using Dichlorvos products and it is important that these are adhered to.


To recap you will recall that Dichlorvos products needed to have their labels amended to reflect new restrictions imposed by the APVMA.  Most manufacturers cancelled the registrations of their products, while a few kept their registrations current.  The cancelled products included Country Dichlorvos among others.  Most products were therefore suspended and there was a two year phase out period to allow product in stock to be sold out effective from 01/03/2011.

The two year phase out period has now lapsed and the APVMA issued a special Gazette last Thursday, backdated to an effective date of 01/03/2013.  Note that all previously registered labels have been suspended and the Permits only now apply.  Permits are valid for certain states only, if a Permit is not in force in a particular state, then Dichlorvos products can no longer be used or sold there.

Permit details:

Permit PER10475 refers to 1140g/L and 500g/L products and relates to THE PRODUCTS LISTED ON THE PERMIT ONLY

If you have used or intend to use Dichlorvos products please read the permit attached and note the following conditions:

Supply All suppliers must at the time of the supply of a product covered by these instructions provide to the person taking responsibility for the supplied product:


  • a copy of the relevant permit in full (currently PER14075 or PER14076) setting out the conditions and instructions for use, and
  • supply product with a copy of the instructions contained in the permit securely affixed to each container of product.

Use is now restricted to European wasp treatments and use in grain handling situations (no general pests or other use situations).  Also interesting to note the following (bold italics are ours):


Product must be supplied in a container that only allows use of drum valve/dry break coupler closed delivery (mixing/loading) system

When using product for grain protection no individual worker involved in mixing and loading of dichlorvos EC formulations should handle more than 23 kg of dichlorvos per day and no individual worker should be involved in mixing and loading of dichlorvos products for more than 30 days per year


DO NOT allow entry into a treated area for ten hours after treatment. If re-entry into a treated area is required prior to ten hours following treatment, workers must wear chemical resistant clothes, gloves and a half facepiece respirator.

Permit PER10476 refers to INSECTIGAS ONLY

There are some interesting restrictions on this to be aware of even though Garrards no longer sell the product including(again bolding is ours):


  • No hand held spraying, Insectigas can only be used through systems with pre-programmed time release.
  • No spraying into air spaces
  • Ventilate premises for 30 minutes prior to re-entry
  • DO NOT re-enter treated facilities (other than glasshouses and similar plant production facilities) within four days of fumigation.
  • Placarding on all doors to treated areas.
  • If re-entry into a treated area is required prior to four days following treatment, workers must wear elbow-length PVC gloves, chemical resistant full-body clothing, full facepiece respirator with combined dust cartridge (canister).

One very important thing that applies to both Permits is the following (underlining is ours):

PERSONS who wish to use the DICHLORVOS PRODUCTS LISTED must read, or have read to them, the instructions included in Attachment 1 of each permit. Users who have had the instructions read to them must confirm to the reader that they understand the instructions.

Failure to comply with the Permit can result in a penalty of $33,000 so it is important that our clients are up to date with the requirements.

Should you have any queries please feel free to contact your nearest Garrards branch.