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There is currently a reassessment by the EPA of the organo-phosphate and carbamate insecticides used in plant protection and Biosecurity in New Zealand.   An array of ‘Summary and Analysis’ of the reassessments covering over 35 crops and Biosecurity was released by the EPA on Friday 2/11/12 for comment by January 2013.  Products used by professional pest managers are not included in this reassessment.




In the cover-all document – the OPC Reassessment Consultation Report – Section 10.19 ‘Products not used for plant protection purposes’ – Table 59 lists bendiocarb 800g/kg WP as no longer used in New Zealand and proposed a phase-out period of six months and the HSNO approval be revoked.

PMANZ and Garrards had submitted to the EPA OPC Reassessment in November 2011 listing the organo-phosphate and carbamate products used in professional pest management.  Garrards followed through on the proposal to revoke the HSNO approval for Ficam W in the Consultation Report released on 2nd November 2012 because the report incorrectly stated “ bendiocarb (Ficam W) was no longer used in New Zealand”.  We have received an e-mail from the EPA stating “We had overlooked that piece of information in your feedback, as we understood that this product was actually for plant protection, and I apologise for that.”  The EPA overlooked the inclusion of bendiocarb as a professional pest management product as listed in the PMANZ and Garrards submissions but knew that its plant protection uses were no longer registered.

This again shows how professional pest management can get caught up in actions not designed to affect the industry.  Although this reassessment should not have included uses of OPs and carbamates used in professional pest management it is still important to read documentation that may impact on our industry by default.  The EPA could have revoked the HSNO approval of bendiocarb 800g/kg without consultation with the industry had the line on page 98 of a 194 page document not been read.  If the HSNO approval for Ficam W had been revoked, the pest management industry would not have been able to use it.

FICAM W is still available at Garrards

Ficam W is still an important insecticide in professional pest management – it is a wettable powder that makes the residue more easily contacted by insects compared to most other formulations and it is also not a synthetic pyrethroid – a group of chemicals that some insects are less susceptible to.  It has been a stalwart of the industry for over 30 years.  Ficam is a product that many have left to try the new breed of chemicals but will often come back to when others let them down.

 If you see something that you think may adversely impact the professional pest management industry, especially if that is not the purpose of the action, please point it out to the people considering the action or contact PMANZ or Garrards so further action can be advised.