wap_iconAnother Tool For The Pest Industry.

You may have already been utilising our web services from your mobile phone.  Making available in real-time updates to; MSDS, Labels, Brochures, industry events, news and important regulatory changes among many other useful tools for pest control professionals.  Garrards are delivering “must have information” into a pocket sized hand held device of any type such as Apple iPhone (iOS), Android, WebOS, Symbian, OS 6 (blackberry) and Bada.

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“We need to be innovative and creative while being pragmatic about how we deliver better solutions to our valued customers.” -Craig Warnes. Garrards have done just that with their latest improvements to their mobility website.  Making available to you a wealth of information specially formatted to display on hand held devices.  You will no longer be required to cart around hard copies of MSDS, labels and related paperwork for your customers.  A useful example would be: To provide your customer(s) with an MSDS is as simple as visiting and selecting ‘email link to’ and typing in your customer’s details.  Paper-less, stress-less, pay-less.

Simple and Fast delivery of professional technical information, followed by great support…

Garrards also provide great advice and technical assistance along with support from our friendly equipment specialist team, our experienced sales staff and our qualified entomologist. Use our contact form to contact us anytime, even out of office hours both from the desktop, mobile website and standard emails.  We make sure we answer you in a timely fashion as we strive to provide you with a quality and fast service.

In conclusion, the new Garrards mobility website will add great benefits to our valued customers and your clients. Try it for yourself or contact any of our branches for more information.

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