iconThe new improved Dosmatic Chemical Injector provides a safe and simple solution to adding Termiticides, Pesticides and Herbicides into the water flow.

The Dosmatic Chemical Injector ensures precise chemical injection directly into the water under various flow rates, feed ratios and pressure fluctuations.


topbannerThe Dosmatic MiniDos is a proven injector in the pest control industry in Australia.prodimage

  • Simple to use
  • Accurate
  • No electricity required – water driven
  • Proportional Injection
  • Maximum operational Pressure 140psi
  • Internal mixing chamber
  • Built-In On/Off switch
  • Chemical resistant construction materials
  • Simple maintenance
  • Dosmatic services centres located at Garrards stores

Dosmatic MiniDos – The simple and accurate system for dispensing chemicals in the pest control industry.



Click here to download the operating principles flyer