Introducing the new range of RCS (Rodent Control Solutions) to Garrards.  With a unique product called 'tipper' it's hard to miss this one! Find out more about tipper below, even a handy usage and placement guide too!.



With a wide range of tested and proven rodent removal products RCS aim to provide end-to-end solutions to assist the pest control professional erradicate rodents and even sell rodent removal solutions to their customers.  The most talked about product is the 'Tipper' which has a unique design to allow the station to be transformed to either a bait station or a live catch station!


Included with Tipper comes a varst range of advantages including (but not limited to):

Multi-Lock - Can be locked either by the two (2) plastic clips, the thumb screw (included) or both for added security.
Bait rods - Two (2) bait rods are included to set your bait inside the station either in live catch or bait station mode.
Clear view window - A clear plastic window design to allow the Pest Control Professional to quickly inspect the unit without having to open it.
Tipper System - The tipper system can be removed to transform the station into a bait station by removing only four (4) screws.
Fast to service - When locking with the plastic clips, tipper is a fast to service station.

Download the handy usage and placement guide for further information.

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