iconIntroducing the Protecta Evo Ambush - the most advanced low-profile bait station from Bell Laboratories.



Product features:

Single locking mechanism for quick servicing
Removable tray for easy cleaning
Locking bait rods won't fall out during cleaning
Can hold up to 4 baits or a T-Rex rat trap or Mini-Rex mouse trap
Compatible with Sidekick Load-N-Lock system

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The “evolution” of Bell Laboratories’ new, time-saving Protecta EVO bait station line continues with the introduction of the company’s most advanced, low-profile bait station, Protecta EVO AMBUSH.

Protecta EVO AMBUSH, like the popular Protecta LP, sits low to the ground, ideal for use in pallets, shelving and other out-of-the-way spots where rats and mice travel. The station measures approximately 25cm (l) x 21cm  (w) x 10cm (h), slightly higher than the Protecta LP to accommodate the T-REX Rat Snap Trap.

“Yet, EVO AMBUSH is so much more with built-in features to save technicians valuable servicing time,” said Bell’s product manager, Kate Mella.

The station’s single-locking mechanism, a mark of the EVO line, lets technicians unlock the station in a single stroke, yet provides a high degree of tamper-resistance. The EVO key unlocks any EVO bait station.

And, inside the station, Bell has designed a removable bait tray with rounded corners for easy cleaning.

The biggest time-saver, however, comes when technicians secure the station. Opening to the side, EVO AMBUSH can be anchored to Bell’s SIDEKICK LOAD-N-LOCK system for secured placement. The system, which can be weighed down with two concrete bricks, eliminates the added time, expense and mess associated with traditional anchoring methods. As an added benefit, LOAD-N-LOCK’s ramped entry elevates EVO AMBUSH which helps keep bait dry in water-prone conditions.

Protecta EVO AMBUSH  holds four 28g  bait BLOX or a T-REX Rat Snap Trap or MINI-REX Mouse Snap Trap. Four vertical bait rods lock in place and won’t fall out during servicing. A bar code installed inside the lid is compatible with pest management software. A service card can also be placed in a card slot inside the station or affixed to the outside.

Made of 100 percent recycled, heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic, EVO AMBUSH can withstand the rigors of baiting outdoors and in.  It is designed to meet EPA-established protocols for Tier 1 distinction, the highest level of tamper-resistance to both children and dogs, as well as weather resistance.

“Protecta EVO AMBUSH is a workhorse station,” Mella added. “It has it all for fast, easy servicing, plus it’s designed to keep children and dogs out, giving technicians added peace of mind.”