The latest product articles from Garrards are listed below:

biosafe DeTour is the first EPA registered, new technology bio-repellent for rodents. Without harming rodents, DeTour repells all rodents and can be used almost everywhere.  DeTour does not repel based on scent, it works via a scientifically-proven physiological adverse reaction to the active ingredient. Available only in New Zealand.

termidorantAnts are closely related to wasps and first appeared around 120 million years ago and have since inhabited almost every corner on Earth. Their success can be attributed to their social organisation, ability to modify their environment, and ability to defend themselves.

Picture 5Garrards now supply Led Lenser torches and accessories; the pest industry's choice. Supplying the P5, P5R, X21, H7 and H75 with accessories such as clips and car charging units. Portable in size, high lumens and great value.  Visit in-store for a product demonstration.

thumb_maxforce-white-ic_18A gel bait for the management of pest cockroaches

Maxforce White is a gel bait which has been specifically formulated to appeal to cockroaches. It contains a low concentration of a modern, low-dose insecticide (imidacloprid) which provides control of cockroaches when they ingest the baitgel.PN: MAX/WHITE

Use with Rega Metered Gel Gun PN: REGA/GEL/G

thumbLiquid Mosquito Film - Now registered in Australia and New Zealand.  Easy to apply.  Effective for four (4) weeks. Aquatain AMF is a unique silicone-based liquid for mosquito control. It spreads rapidly across the water surface, forming a very thin film.