The latest product articles from Garrards are listed below:

BDS™ is a patented device designed to detect bedbugs BEFORE they proliferate and infest a new location.

BDS™ simulates the conditions that bedbugs consider “perfect harborage”: tight, dark tunneling and rough woodsy material. (Common examples are the small grooves of corrugated boxes, mattress creases and wood furniture.)


A mainstay of modern IPM procedures, cockroach monitors have become an essential tool in almost any situation. In some areas they have become the only acceptable method of cockroach control. The rega Slim is available from all Garrards branches. 

The monitor is designed to be placed in areas where cockroaches congregate and can be used as a control device or to indicate when and where a cockroach problem is present. They are packed 10 traps to a pack and come complete with cockroach attractant tablets. Each 10-pack is individually shrink wrapped.

Earth Care Odour Removal Bags are used by Pest Control Professionals to remove dead rodent odors, urine and faeces odours, musty mildew odours, and cigarette smoke odour. Earth Care Bags do not have to come into contact with dead rodent or odor causing agent and works even if carcass is not removed.

Bags are easy to use and last an average of 3-4 months in use and contain no chemicals, toxins or fragrances. Simply place the bag near the odour and in 24 hours the odour will be gone. Earth Care does not mask odours it removes them. Its contents are bio-degradable, non-flammable, non-toxic, safe around children, pets, & Mother Earth.

Earth Care's "BAG" can take from one hour to several days to work, but it is very effective since it removes odors versus masking them. It is simple to use and cost effective.

    Aqua K-Othrine® from Bayer Environmental Science is a space spray concentrate containing 2% deltamethrin.

The innovative, eco-friendly Pest Management System for Rodents. Click for further information